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Understanding Drain Problems


Standard household drain
Drain clogged with grease
Main line blocked with roots


Drain backups can be as minor as your sinks draining slowly or as major as having sewage coming back up into your sinks, toilets and showers. Snakes are tools used to go down the drain and break up the debris allowing the fluid to flow freely again. We have various snake sizes to work with the different size drains in your home. A sink drain may just need a hand auger. When the main line in your home, the one that leads outside, is backed up, we will use our biggest snake, the K-150. Drain cleaning fees depend on what size snake we use and how long it takes.

We will always start with the smallest snake to clear your blockage and only bring out the more powerful equipment if necessary. We will clear out the blockage and run water down the drain to ensure it is draining normally. Does this mean you will not have another back-up next week, or month? Not necessarily. It could be that we cleared one blockage, but there is a bigger one down the line that will need to be addressed. The only way we can guarantee a drain clearing for 1 year is to camera your line.

If you are having back-ups in your main line several times over a couple of months, we will recommend that you camera your drain line. This will allow you to see if it is roots or debris that is causing your back-ups and make an informed decision on what to do next.

Some things to keep in mind:


Above is a video we did of a main line. At 3 minutes you will see roots in the line. You will also notice the buildup in the pipe. Jetting your lines keeps them clear and helps prevent back-ups. Call today for more information.


Jet Machine
Power Snake




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