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Water Line Warning Signs: Is it time for a waterline repair or replacement?

The main water line is essential because it brings fresh water into your home. Without that reliable water flow, it’s nearly impossible to function on a day to day basis. The main waterline although very durable and typically built to last is always susceptible to many factors that can cause the line to break or bust. Tree roots, corrosion, or even the type of pipe used depending on the age of your home can all be determining factors in the longevity of your line. 

Here are three warning signs to look out for when examining your waterline:

Water Discoloration: If you experience a rust-brown tint in your water, this could be a warning sign. The discoloration can happen because of the type of pipes you have, corrosion, or even dirt and soil entering through the cracks.

Soggy spots on your lawn: If it hasn’t rained in a while and you find damp or soggy spots on your lawn, it could be that your water line is cracked and is leaking water underneath the surface of your lawn. 

Low water pressure: If you experience a drop in water pressure throughout your home, this could be because your water line is leaking and losing water.

Increase on your water bill: If you get your water bill and experience an unusual increase, there could be a few issues: 1) you need a water line repair or replacement or 2) there is a hidden leak in your home.

Having a constant, reliable source of water is important in your home. If you’re experiencing any of these problems please give us a call at 301.865.2223 and let us diagnose and assist with the issues. 

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