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Why Should You Hire A Plumbing Company For Hydro Jetting Rather Than DIY? | Germantown, MD

Over the years, drain cleaning has seen a lot of development. In the old days, augers and snaking devices were the only way to clean your drains. Today, there are much more advanced and effective methods, such as hydro jetting. Such developments have left many homeowners in awe, seeing how drain cleaning has become a less time-consuming job that leaves their drains clean. When a plumbing company in Germantown, MD comes for a drain cleaning service today, they will inspect your drains. This is usually done with a camera. This is critical before hydro jetting starts because of the following reasons:

Importance of Camera Inspection Before Hydro Jetting

Locating the Clog

The days of guesswork are long over. Today, the plumber and the homeowner want the drain cleaning to be completed effectively and on time. This means locating the location of the clog for targeted cleaning. Since different jets are required, determining the location helps the technician decide which one to use. It is also a factor that the plumbing company will consider when coming up with the cost. The deeper the clog is in your plumbing, the costlier the service will be.

Determine the Integrity of the Pipes

Hydro jetting uses water at a very high pressure to blast and dislodge any clogs or dirt clinging to pipes. Therefore, the plumbing company must ensure that your pipes can withstand the pressure. If the pipes are made of a material that cannot, they can use other techniques like snaking. Camera inspections also give a glimpse of how corroded the pipes are. If the pipes are thoroughly corroded, they might recommend a pipe relining instead of a hydro-jetting service. The last thing you want is for the plumber to damage your drainage systems.

Determine the Size of the Clog

Clogs are of different sizes and make. This means that they need different pressures. A huge clog needs a higher pressure and might require the plumbing company technician to change the jets from time to time, hitting the blockage from different angles. If the cog is too large and hard, the technician might weaken it using a drain snake. However, it is worth noting that hydro jetting can remove any clog, large or small.

Knowing these three helps the plumber develop a hydro jetting strategy that will take the shortest time while protecting the integrity of your plumbing. They also profoundly affect how much the professional will charge you for the drain cleaning service. However, it is always recommended that you don’t wait until the clog worsens. Ensure you have a plumbing maintenance plan with your trusted plumbing company in Germantown, MD. Routine maintenance will always catch clogs, leaks, and other problems in their early stages before they worsen.

Dangers Of DIY Hydro Jetting

It is always recommended that whenever a plumbing issue arises, you should immediately contact a plumber for further inspection and to fix the problem. Unfortunately, some homeowners take matters into their own hands and decide to deal with the issue themselves. For instance, some homeowners try to cut the cost of hiring a professional for hydro jetting and decide to do it themselves. After all, it is just holding the hose and directing the water jet, right? Well, wrong. You should never try to fix plumbing issues, no matter how simple they appear. DIY hydro Jetting has the following risks:

Safety and Further Damage Risks

One of the reasons why DIY hydro jetting is not recommended is for your safety. The high pressure makes handling the equipment challenging, especially if you aren’t trained. If the high-pressure water hits an object at the wrong angle, it could injure you. Further, you are at a disadvantage when cleaning the drain using hydro jetting alone, as you will likely cause even more damage to your plumbing, especially the drains. This could even extend to other properties after you misdiagnose the underlying cause. As mentioned above, you also risk personal injury if you do not wield the jetting equipment properly.

In contrast, experienced, trained professionals from a plumbing company have the tools and skills to pinpoint and address the clog’s location and cause. This is critical in crafting the best strategy to clear the clog. Hence, they will yield a satisfactory result. The plumbers use modern, high-quality jetting and drain snaking equipment designed specifically for the drains. The tools correctly fit into drain pipes and are highly flexible, resulting in no harm to your drains.

Pressure Calibration Requires Skill

It is dangerous to attempt to unclog a drain if you don’t know how to control the water pressure. Insufficient pressure may not completely clear the clog, causing the clog to repeat. However, using too much pressure will harm your drains. Getting in touch with a plumbing company for a hydro jetting service is essential so their skilled plumbers can thoroughly clean your drains.

Recurring Drain Clog Issues

Cleaning the drains yourself might have a positive outcome. However, most do-it-yourself hydro jetting efforts will give you a reprieve. Since you don’t have the equipment, have little to no skill, or are applying the wrong techniques, the result will be just a temporary solution. The clogs will be back within no time, and you will have wasted water and time. On the other hand, working with a professional plumbing company in Germantown, MD guarantees that the clog will be removed.

Masks the Real Plumbing Issue

Slow drains at the lowest level in your home indicate a sewage line clog. This clog should be handled by someone else. Since you don’t have an inspection camera to locate the clog, you might waste your day without ever cleaning it if it’s deeper in the sewer system. A plumbing company is excellent at identifying and fixing major clogs. They diagnose your pipes with modern technology.

Contact Us, Don’t DIY

Do you need a hydro jetting service? Contact us at Clarksburg Plumbing. Don’t resort to cleaning your drains yourself!

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