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Our plumbers work alongside business owners to offer lasting plumbing solutions for every situation and a complete range of commercial plumbing services including repairs, maintenance, installation, and replacements.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is a safe and thorough means of cleaning your home’s drain and sewer pipes. A standard hydro jet setup involves a highly pressurized stream of water pushed through a special 360-degree nozzle which ensures the entire internal surface of the pipe is cleaned without having to rotate the snake.

Unlike using harsh chemicals to clean drains, hydro jetting uses only water to remove accumulated debris inside drains and sewers. It is a highly effective and eco-friendly method, and the drain and sewer experts at Clarksburg Plumbing routinely recommend it to our clients whose drain and sewer system is slow or often encounters problems.

Fixture Replacements

Including Faucets, Toilets and Garbage Disposals. Need a new toilet or faucet? Did your garbage disposal stop working for you? Give us a call. Whether you have picked out your own or would like to have us bring one with us, we will change it out for you.

Water Alert System

A water alert system is a way for you to be notified should water be some place other the in your pipes in your home. Some systems are small and simple. They will sound an alarm alerting you to the problem. Other systems are more complex, tie into your water lines and can even engage a shut-off valve, preventing more water from entering.

Grease Abatement Systems

Fats, oils, and grease (or FOG) are waste products of cooking and meat preparation. These are normally found in fats from meat, oil, shortening, margarine, butter, dairy products, and sauces. These FOG products build up in sewer pipes and result in blockages. Large blockages eventually cause sewers to overflow and basements to back up. The Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), along with WSSC, require food establishments to control their FOG waste with properly designed grease abatement systems to ensure proper drainage and treatment of municipal wastewater. This will reduce and eliminate sewage spills and backups, and help food service establishments avoid being shut down and/or receiving hefty fines.

Video Pipe Inspection

When your pipe or sewer system is clogged up, you want to know what is causing the clog. Not only can Clarksburg Plumbing show you exactly why the pipe is clogged with our video pipe inspection but also resolve the issue causing it and clear the clog.

Video pipe inspection involves sticking a small camera safely into a pipe. It allows the pipe to be viewed in a manner that keeps the pipe in one piece and allows us to know how to correctly resolve the problem.

Water Filtration Systems

Clean water everywhere in your home. Reduce particles, contaminants, or imbalances in your water with a whole house water filtration system to experience the difference it makes in the water you drink and use everyday. Explore customized filtration solutions designed to suit all kinds of whole-house needs, from hard water problems like stubborn soap scum and residue, to bitter taste or chlorine odors. A whole house filtration system treats your problem water directly at the source, so you enjoy the benefits of cleaner, fresher water from every faucet. Call our office today to set up a time to have your water tested and determine if a whole house water filtration system is right for you.

Gas Lines

Whether you want to bring a gas line to your house or run a new line inside the house, the technicians of Clarksburg Plumbing can help. Adding a generator to your home can increase your comfort and peace of mind during an emergency. Trusting our technicians will allow you to rest easy that your gas line is put in safely and correctly.

Tenant Fit-Out

Tenant fit-out is a time consuming, detailed and important part of a retail or commercial project. We at Clarksburg Plumbing can help you with refitting your space.

Gas Systems

Gas system testing, installation, and repair.

Commercial Kitchens

Commercial Kitchen Installation

Site Surveys

Site Surveys

Backflow Testing

Backflow Testing

Tankless & Conventional Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters heat the water as you need as opposed to keeping it in a storage tank. There are distinct advantages to using a tankless system which include energy savings, less physical space needed. They can be electric or gas powered. Call us for more details and help in deciding which is best for your needs

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