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Residential, Trenchless Water Line Installations!

Don’t have any water? Or, Do you have low water pressure?

So, you’ve been busy, and you’ve put off having someone come and look at your issues with your home’s water pressure. Now it’s turned into a powder keg due to stress with family members and maybe the neighbors over all the problems it’s causing!

Maybe you didn’t even notice it until it was brought to your attention by a family member, a neighbor, or a noticeably more costly water bill than normal? Now it’s become a much bigger issue because of all the extra stress it’s causing you (and them) in your day-to-day lives!


In the past, people have thought this to be an issue was for the water company to deal with and not their responsibility, or that their insurance would pay to fix it, and it’s turned out that they were wrong. In some cases Where the issue was ignored, having to leave their house in favor of a hotel or inconveniencing family due to a leak getting worse and causing bad conditions and damage making the house unlivable until fixed!

Other issues that could be affecting
the water pressure in your house include:
  • You live in an older house
  • Poor installation of original plumbing
  • Copper pipe with pin hole leaks
  • Galvanized piping which can’t be repaired, only replaced
  • Blue poly piping was used Which isn’t up to code
  • WSSC or your local water company found out the line is suspected to be leaking and they shut your line off, your fix notice is in the mail!
Water Line Repair

Here’s the thing: Unfortunately, this isn’t an issue you can fix yourself, so let us help by sending one of our licensed plumbers to diagnose your water line issue! We’ve been in business since 2008 and we replace 4 to 5 waterlines a week!

Our trenchless water line will return order to you and your family’s daily life! We can relieve your stress and concerns about the damage it’s causing your home and possibly your neighbor’s property! We get the job done correctly and efficiently so that you can return to the conveniences of having running water in your home again, avoiding any more high water bills, having to move your family, and avoiding angry neighbors!

Water Filtration

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The Trenchless water line replacement process:

(Just in case you were wondering)

  1. We contact Miss Utility to check the conditions at your home.
  2. Our Technicians open a tap connection (Singular access hole) in your lawn. 
  3. Our licensed plumbers go inside your home and disconnect the domestic water service to the water supply.
  4. Insert trenchless equipment inside your existing water line. 
  5. Technicians weld special fitting on cable to pull the new water line through the old access hole.
  6. Use trenchless equipment to pull the new water line through the existing line.
  7. We connect the new domestic water service to the domestic water supply.
  8. Clean up!
  9. Done!

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