Water and Waste Lines

Broken water or waste lines are a major problem for your home. On the inside of the home, they can cause damage to your property and create a dangerous health issue. On the outside of your home they can damage your landscape and sidewalks. We have two ways of replacing these lines. First is to bring in the heavy equipment, dig up the line and replace or repair as needed. The other method is called moleing. This is when we are able to drill a hole underground and pull your line through.  This is best if we are going under sidewalks or driveways.  However, not every job can be done using this method. Prices for replacing or repairing the lines can vary greatly.  Factors include how far the line runs; how much of the line is in the home and do we need to dig up concrete in the house; do we have to work around landscaping or hardscaping. All these and more factors can impact your price. Call Clarksburg Plumbing today for your free estimate.

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