FALL IS COMING – Time to winterize your life.

mary116801 October 3, 2019 0 Comments

In the words of Jon Snow “Fall is coming” or something like that… How can I be talking about fall when it was 93 DEGREES OUTSIDE YESTERDAY you ask? (Hey, Indian Summer – IT’S TIME TO GOOOOO). It’s the calm before the storm, friends – better to be safe than sorry. Here are some helpful hints to get you through those bitter months. 


Let’s be real – your grass is dead, it’s too cold to wash your car and the pool is closed. So round up your hoses and put them away for the winter. Changes in the weather can cause damages to hose casing which could cause them burst. 


Your faucets need love too – wrap those little babies up tight this winter. Insulation will reduce the chances of severe water damage. You can get insulation kits from your local hardware store – or call your friends at Clarksburg Plumbing and we can come install it for you. We miss you anyway. 


Drain out your heater and get rid of any residual water. This will allow your heater to work more efficiently, especially if you want hot water readily available during those BER months. I mean if the shower water doesn’t melt your flesh off are you even showering? 


The pressure valves on your heater gives you some important information – so don’t ignore them! Pull the lever slowly, making sure to bring it down very carefully (don’t splash yourself with hot water). Water should be moving, if not, then it’s probably time for new valves. 

As always, you can call your friends at Clarksburg Plumbing (301) 865-2223 for all of your plumbing related needs! We’re available to offer support 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. 

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