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5 Tips to Know Before Starting a Home Improvement Project

Spring has officially sprung! What pairs best with warm weather? Deep cleaning, organizing and our favorite HOME RENOVATIONS! Are you considering embarking on a home kitchen or bathroom renovation? Most of your projects will involve plumbing work. Here are a few of our favorite tips on hiring the perfect plumber for your renovation!

1. Create a plumbing plan: What’s your end goal with this plumbing renovation? Defining your plumbing plan will display your vision clearly. It does not have to be super refined, but it should give the plumber an idea of the direction you’re moving towards.

2. Remain Flexible: Prepare the plumbing plan, but be flexible and willing to listen to your plumber! Your plumber will offer advice and experience that will ultimately save you tons of time and money.

3. Track your estimates when reaching out to potential contractors:
Here are a few questions you should be asking when looking to hire a contactor:

A. Is your contractor licensed?

B. Hourly Rates

C. Rates on non-plumbing tasks (cutting drywall, removing materials)

D. Will you be charged for delivery time on parts and material?

E. Permitting

F. Projected start and end dates

4. Plumbing Permits: Before starting any renovations you will need to determine if your plumber supplies the permit or not. Note: Most plumbing projects cannot start without a plumbing permit. Once the work is completed – Inspectors will assess the quality of work. If the work is satisfactory the permit will be marked “passed”.

5. Prepare the Job Site: The quicker you can get the plumber started, the faster the project will go. Make sure the work space is clear, clean and ready for renovation.

Hiring a professional, licensed plumber is invaluable for completing home renovations successfully! Prior to kicking off your renovations make sure to reach out to a trusted professional. Our techs at Clarksburg Plumbing understand the importance of home renovations.

If you’re looking to upgrade a room in your home call the professionals at Clarksburg Plumbing – 301-972-2223.

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