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7 Signs You Need Drain Cleaning Service And Effective Methods Used | Gaithersburg, MD

Sewer blockages can cause a lot of inconvenience in your home, lead to health hazards and cost a lot of money to repair. Therefore, if your drains are blocked, it is important to get them cleaned as soon as possible to help eliminate the blockages and ensure that your drains are functioning properly.

At Clarksburg Plumbing, our highly trained and experienced technicians in Gaithersburg, MD, provide drain cleaning services designed to remove blockages from your drains quickly and efficiently. We use the latest technology and equipment to get the job done right the first time.

Signs You Need a Sewer Drain Cleaning

When a sewer clog occurs, it can cause several problems in your home. Sometimes, it can be difficult to locate the source of the blockage, but there are some telltale signs that you can look for that will indicate that you need to call in a professional. Here are 7 signs that you need drain cleaning service:

Bad odors

It’s not you; it’s your drain. Drains emitting bad odors mean they’re likely blocked. When drains are blocked, the water cannot flow properly, and this can cause a build-up of bad-smelling bacteria. Your plumber can help remove these blockages and eliminate the bad odors from your drains.

Slow drains

If your drains are draining slowly, you likely need drain cleaning services. Grease, hair, soap scum, and other debris can build up in your drains and cause them to drain slowly. Also, non-flushable materials such as paper towels, sanitary napkins, and diapers can cause your drains to block. If you notice this problem, it’s important to seek professional help to remove these blockages and restore your drains to their proper functioning.

Frequent drain clogs

If your drains are constantly clogged, you need to call for a drain cleaning service to help remove the blockages from your pipes and offer lasting solutions to frequent drain clogs. Drains frequently block because of the build-up of grease, hair, soap scum, and other debris.

Pooling water

Blocked drainage systems can cause water to back up and pool in your yard. This can lead to health hazards, so removing the blockage as soon as possible is important.

Gurgling sounds

Your pipes are likely blocked if you hear gurgling sounds from your drains. This happens because air is trying to escape through the blockages, indicating that your drains are not functioning properly.

Water backup

This is one of the most obvious signs that you need a drain cleaning service in Gaithersburg, MD. Water backup is usually caused by a blockage in your main sewer line. Signs of a sewer line blockage include water backing up into your tub or shower when you flush the toilet, water backing up into your sink when you run the dishwasher, or slow drains throughout your home. You need to remove the blockage to restore proper home drainage.

Pests in the pipes

If you have a pests problem, they’re likely coming into your home through the drains. Drain flies, sewer roaches, and drain Mice are attracted to the moisture and organic material that can build up in drains. If you keep finding insects or small rodents in pipes or your kitchen sink, have your pipes checked for blockages. Only a professional plumber can identify openings in your pipes that these pests use and seal them up without obstructing flow.

Methods for Sewer Drain Cleaning

Blockage and clogs in your home need to be addressed using different methods. While snake drain cleaning is one of the most popular solutions, the method that will be most effective will depend on the nature of the clog and accessibility to the location of your main drain.

Using a plunger

Drain cleaning usually starts with a simple plunger. It’s the first step in drain cleaning service and can be used for small clogs. A Drain Snake is the next resort if the plunger does not work. Drain Snake is a long and flexible rod that’s inserted into the drain to remove the clog. Also known as a plumbing auger, it has a hand crank on one end and a coiled wire on the other that is inserted into the drain. The Drain Snake is turned to rotate the wire and break up the clog. The movement of drilling can break through the waste causing the clog and disintegrate clumps of organic matter to allow the free flow of water again.

Chemical drain cleaning

Chemical drain cleaners are corrosive and should only be used as a last resort. Drain cleaners are designed to dissolve hair, grease, and soap scum that can cause drain blockages. However, they can also damage your pipes if used too frequently. If you must use a chemical drain cleaner, follow the instructions on the label carefully.

Also, a safer option for drain cleaner would be using eco-friendly products like Bio-Clean®. They’re made with natural enzymes that break down organic matter like hair, grease, and soap scum without harming your drains or the environment.

Hydro jet drain cleaning

Hydro jet drain cleaning is a safe and effective way to remove blockages from your drains. It uses high-pressure water to power through the blockage and clears your drains.

Hydro jetting can be a great option for those with recurring drain problems. The hose produces up to 4,000 PSI and is placed into the drain through a small access point.

Call a Professional Drain Cleaner

If you have problems with your drains, it is best to call for drain cleaning services. Professionals have the knowledge and experience to clean your drains safely and effectively. They can also identify potential problems with your pipes and offer solutions to prevent future problems.

At Clarksburg Plumbing, we proudly offer drain cleaning services to our customers in Gaithersburg, MD. We have the knowledge and experience to clean your drains. We use advanced technology and equipment to clean your drains and get them flowing again.

Contact us at 301-835-2966 today to schedule a drain cleaning service at your convenience. We look forward to serving you!

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