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When Should A Homeowner Get Water Heater Installation? | Rockville, MD

How long have you been using your water heater? If you have a conventional water heater installed, you should be able to use it for up to 10 years, so long as you know how to properly maintain the unit. A tankless water heater usually lasts up to 20 years, also when properly installed. In some cases though, you may need to get a replacement sooner. In this article, we’ll talk about signs it’s time to get a water heater installation. Make sure to only hire a licensed plumber in Rockville, MD to properly install the unit.

Signs It’s Time to Get a Water Heater Replacement

Below are the signs it’s time to get a new replacement for your home in Rockville, MD. Get in touch with us immediately so we can properly install the unit.

Age of the Water Heater

As mentioned, the standard water heater can last about 10 years while the tankless water heater can last up to 20 years. You should be able to maximize their efficiency if you know how to properly maintain the water heater. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation on how to take care of your unit and avoid water heater installation in no time.

If your water heater is more than 7 years old and is no longer that efficient, we suggest calling a plumber for an inspection. Our plumbing experts can check if it’s time for you to get a replacement or if you just need repair. When your water heater is no longer efficient because it gives you higher bills, it might be time to get a water heater installation. Should you decide to get a new unit, talk to us right away so we can help you make an informed decision. Our experts can recommend the best water heater suitable for your home and what size you should get. We can also help you install your new unit.

Frequent Repairs

Do you keep calling a plumber for repairs? This isn’t a good sign. If you keep calling a professional to inspect your water heater or repair it, this clearly indicates you need water heater installation. Remember, repair costs can add up. If you keep calling a plumber more than once a year, this can cost you a lot of money down the road. We usually advise that homeowners get a replacement instead as it will be more cost-effective to get a new unit to avoid paying for more repairs.

Don’t add more stress to yourself, get a water heater installation if you keep having problems with your water heater. True, you’ll have to spend money to buy a new unit, but it also means you have an energy-efficient unit that will not give you problems with your hot water. Talk to us if you need help in deciding whether it’s time to get a new unit.

Planning an Upgrade

Are you planning to sell your home in the future? Most homebuyers today prefer a more energy-efficient home because they can save money and these types of homes are also more environmentally friendly. If you’re looking to upgrade your home, we suggest getting a replacement. Buying a tankless water heater can help increase your home’s value as it’s more energy-efficient. We’ll talk about the benefits of tankless water heaters in this article. If you have questions about water heater installation or anything about water heaters, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

You Keep Running Out of Hot Water

Do you have a standard water heater installed? Part of water heater maintenance is to drain the water heater tank to remove the sediment buildup. You need to do this at least once a year or more when there’s hard water in your plumbing. If you don’t remove the sediment buildup, it will only accumulate inside the water heater and you will keep running out of hot water. Eventually, this can also cause other problems and may lead to a water heater installation. Talk to us if you keep having problems with your water heater so we can help you discuss if it’s best to get a new unit for your home. Don’t worry, we have plumbing experts who can help you install your new unit.


Homeowners must periodically check their water heater for any signs of damage or wear and tear. If they suspect a problem, they must call a licensed plumber immediately to correct the problem. A plumber can help you decide whether you should get your unit repaired or get a new water heater installation. When the tank is damaged though and starts to leak water, you will have no choice but to get a new unit. Talk to us so we can assist and help you decide which type of water heater to install for your home.

Install a Tankless Water Heater

Is your priority to save money on your water heater? Getting the tankless unit can help. A tankless water heater only consumes energy when you actually turn on the shower, helping you save energy. It also lasts longer, up to 20 years when properly installed. While it can be expensive to purchase, you do get to save money in the long run because of the energy savings.

Contact Clarksburg Plumbing

Do you need water heater installation or repair for your home in Rockville, MD? You’ve come to the right place. We have plumbing experts who will always make sure the problem is properly carried out. We’re also fully equipped to ensure you never have to call us again to set up another appointment. If a problem comes up during the service call, we’ll resolve that on the same as well. Our team can also help repair pipes, faucets and garbage disposals.

Get in touch with Clarksburg Plumbing to learn more or call us today to set an appointment.

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