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What Water Heater Repair And Maintenance Do I Need? | Potomac, MD

Each type of water heater, such as tank-based, hybrid, and tankless systems, requires different types of maintenance to keep them efficient and reliable. Repair issues also vary, and the signs that water heater repair is needed are different for each type. At Clarksburg Plumbing, we’re trained and prepared to provide full service for all types of water heaters, including the one in your home in Potomac, MD. We’re proud to say that our customers enjoy more reliable hot water thanks to our top-quality service, and if there are any concerns that do require urgent service, our plumbers are available 24/7. We’re in the business of helping you to live well with expert plumbing care!

Getting to Know Your Water Heater

Is your water heater a tank-based one? If so, what capacity does it offer? Usually, a 40-gallon tank is used for residential applications, and you may also have a hybrid heater that uses heat pump technology to harvest the warmth for the water, with an electric backup heater. Perhaps you have a tankless water heater, much smaller because it has no tank and just heats water on demand as it passes through. Our water heater repair team can identify the specific type of water heater you have, and even read the date code so you know the unit’s age.

Maintenance Enhances Longevity and Much More

Maintenance helps keep the gas burner or electric heating element in good shape, along with related equipment such as thermostats, pilot lights, and sensors, or ignition modules. Our water heater repair team also inspects the unit for corrosion, especially on tankless units where leaking and bursting are real concerns as the water heater gets older. Sediment from hard water can affect performance and should be flushed, and it eventually can cause tankless models to shut down. On tank-based units, to reduce the effect of hard water on the tank and also prevent bacterial growth, there’s an anode rod that releases its material over time. After a few years, it will need to be replaced.

Repair Codes from Some Models

Many models of water heaters now use electronic controls, and when there’s an operational or performance issue with your tank-based, hybrid, or tankless water heater you’ll receive a code and an alert from the unit. You can call our water heater repair team and tell us the code, and we’ll be on our way to take care of it at your convenience. In some cases, you may receive an alert that requires maintenance, such as vent cleaning on tankless models that needs to be performed regularly to keep the heating element protected.

Anode Rod for Tank-Based Hot Water

There are several types of anode rods that can be used in your tank-based water heater, made of different metals depending on your water quality. It’s an important component to ensure a long life for your water heater, which typically lasts just over 10 years, sometimes more. If you make changes to your home’s water supply, a change in the anode rod may be needed. Our water heater repair experts can make sure you have the right one, especially if you have them install water-quality equipment.

Reducing Corrosion with Water Softener or Filter Systems

Hard water is the result of minerals dissolved in your Potomac, MD water supply, not considered a problem by basic health standards, but affecting your home in numerous ways. Corrosion of your plumbing and appliances is the most significant effect, but you’ll also experience the reduced performance from shampoos and soaps, itchy skin after showers, and stains on your sinks and tubs. You’ll also find scale in your coffee maker, just as it will form in your water heater. A water softener can help, especially the type that removes rather than neutralizes the minerals. Another option is to choose a water filter or purification system such as an activated carbon filter or reverse osmosis (RO). The better the system you install, the more you’ll enjoy your home’s water, with RO providing a good replacement for bottled water. If you experience water quality problems with your hot water only, call our expert plumbers to check and see whether sediment accumulation, bacteria growth, or other water heater maintenance issues need remedying.

PTR Valve Checks

On tank-based water heaters, the PTR valve provides pressure and temperature relief if needed, to prevent bursting of the tank. Regular maintenance includes a check of the valve’s function and replacement if necessary. If you notice water leaking from the valve or the length of pipe attached to it, give our water heater repair professionals a call. It could be a temporary condition, or a failure of the valve that allowed water to leak. We’ll check it.

Sediment Flushing

Removing accumulated sediment from your water heater of any type will improve its lifespan and efficiency. Sediment can produce uneven heating in a tank and result in tank and burner damage. The PTR valve can also become blocked by sediment in the tank, resulting in loss of proper protection. In tank-based water heaters, you may hear rumbling or popping sounds, see discoloration in the water, and have only lukewarm water instead of hot but with increasing energy use. Over time, you may also experience tank damage such as leaks or cracks. Our water heater repair experts know the right way to flush sediment for your tank-based or tankless water heater.

A maintenance visit from our water heater repair team including a careful inspection is an excellent way to begin investing in solid results from your tank-based or tankless unit in Potomac, MD. At Clarksburg Plumbing, we service all kinds of water heaters and install high-quality equipment as replacements or upgrades. You can rely on us for expert plumbing care and water heater repairs 24/7, along with thorough preventive care so you can relax with fewer urgent plumbing issues arising. Give us a call and schedule your water heater maintenance and inspection visit today!

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