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Signs Your Sump Pump Has A Problem: A Guide From A Trusted Plumber | Clarksburg, MD

Sump pumps are a great way to prevent flooding and water damage in your basement. Based on research by the American Society of Home Inspectors, over 60 percent of homes in the United States face underground wetness or water damage. A sump pump protects your basement from flooding and keeps basement floors dry.

However, just like any other appliance, sump pumps can become faulty. You want to ensure everything is working well. Therefore, you should notice the slightest signal that something is up with your pump. Below are some signs to look out for that indicate your sump pump has issues. Repairing or replacing your sump pump in time can save you money and time.

The Sump Pump Doesn’t Turn Off

If your sump pump continues to run without turning off, the issue is most probably with the float or switch. The switch problems occur when the switch loses its connection with the power source or the pump shifts inside the basin, leaving the float ineffective.

Since the sump pump plays an important role in your home, contact a plumber immediately if it doesn’t turn off. If the switch is faulty, the plumber will fix it, but if the pump is too small to handle large volumes of water, you may have to replace it.

Strange Noises

Weird noises from your sump pump could point out issues with worn or damaged parts. For instance, your impeller is probably damaged or jammed if you hear grinding and rattling noises from your sump pump.

Also, if there are excessive motor noises from the sump pump, the motor probably has a failed bearing. Call a plumber when you notice this to determine where the issue could be.

Visible Rust

Have you recently noticed brown water coming out of your sump pump? If that’s so, the issue could be the presence of rust in the device. The presence of bacteria in your water, also referred to as iron bacteria, can cause water to discolor.

Brown water cannot cause any health issues for you and your family. However, it can lead to the formation of a gel-like substance which can cause clogging in your plumbing, even in your sump pump, leading to a plumbing problem. You must have an electrician check it out.

Loud or Continuous Vibrations

If the water being processed by your sump pump contains debris. It can get caught in your sump pump’s impeller, causing loud and continuous vibrations. Debris in your sump pumps can cause your impeller to bend or damage.

When your impeller is damaged or bent, it can cause your sump pump to wobble and create stress in the shaft. This wobbling is what results in continuous noises. This is a major sign of potential plumbing issues. Contact a plumber to fix this problem or determine if you need to replace the sump pump.

Irregular Cycling

Something is wrong if your sump pump runs for a while and stops. In most cases, the float switch on your sump pump pinot is improperly adjusted, causing the pump to turn on whenever some water accumulates in the basin.

Also, in some instances, wiring malfunctions can result in your sump pump turning on and off at irregular intervals. Contact a plumber to see whether the issue can be fixed or if your sump pump needs a replacement.

Motor Failure

Suppose your sump pump stops working completely over time. In that case, the issue could be the motor. Damaged internal wiring can cause the motor to malfunction. The device could have somehow unplugged itself or tripped the circuit breaker.

Additionally, a damaged motor may indicate the filter is damaged or a sign of an extension hose that cannot drain the water well. Your pump system may have an extension hose, which assists in draining water from the pit. If the temperature falls below freezing, the extension hose may freeze, leading to a clog.

When your pump tries to send water through the iced-up hose, the water will either flow back or stop moving. This will cause the motor to run at high power, causing it to burn out.

Lack of Water in the Sump Pit

If your sump pump is running well but there is no water in the sump pit, be sure to call your plumber.

A dry sump pit usually indicates the pump was not properly installed. Also, it could be because your sump is not hooked up to your drainage system.

Infrequent Pump Usage

A professional should regularly test your sump pump between heavy rains to detect any problems and ensure its internal mechanisms are in tip-top condition. Limited use of your pump will decrease its shelf life.

If you are considering activating your sump pump for the first time, you should contact a plumber in Clarksburg, MD for maintenance and testing.

Tripped Circuits

A properly working pump should not trip a circuit breaker. If this happens, the sump pump most likely has a problem. Many things, such as damaged wiring or switches, can cause your sump pump to trip the circuit breaker. Only a qualified plumber can establish the problem with your sump pump.

The Sump Pump Runs for a Long Time

If your sump pipe is running continuously, it could be that it doesn’t have enough horsepower to handle the amount of water. Or, your sump pump doesn’t have sufficient horsepower. When calculating the pump size, homeowners in Clarksburg, MD must consider the plumbing pathways or elbows, pipe diameters, and reservoir dimensions.

Determining the pump size includes considering the volume of water the pump will be moving, layout, and drain pipes. For instance, if your layout has many turns and elbows, more power will be needed to force water through the bends, and your sump pump needs to run water through long pipes.

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