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Why You Should Consider Water Heater Replacement Before It Fails | Rockville, MD

Why You Should Consider Water Heater Replacement Before It Fails | Rockville, MD

Nothing lasts forever, and water heaters are certainly no exception. While water heating systems are beneficial, wear and tear eventually catches up with them. They begin with a few water leaks or no hot water until they eventually fail. Most electric water heaters last for about 10 to 15 years, while gas-powered ones last for eight to 12 years.

Most Rockville, MD homeowners ignore the warning signs of water heater failure. But if your water heater is more than ten years old, it’s best to start planning for water heater replacement before crunch time. This will save you a lot of money and trouble further down the line. If you don’t believe us, here are a few reasons why you should replace your water heater before it fails.

Save Money

Most people are reluctant to replace their water heaters before their time because of the replacement costs. Replacing a water heater will set you back between $500 and $800, which is considerable for most people. But did you know that staying with a faulty water heater costs you more in the long run?

Defective water heaters are inefficient and use much more energy to heat up a little water. Replacing your water heater allows you to upgrade your current one to a more efficient model. You’ll save a bundle in energy costs by replacing your water heater before its breaks.

Avoid Any Inconvenience

A malfunctioning water heater could leave you with cold water for a couple of days. This can be a huge inconvenience and could make life miserable for you and your family. To avoid this unpleasant situation, schedule a water heater replacement as soon as you notice your water heater is malfunctioning.

Remember, most plumbers and contractors in Rockville, MD work a busy schedule. This means they can’t respond to emergencies when your water heater fails abruptly. Your best bet is to arrange for water heater replacement before it happens.

Gives You Room to Explore Your Options

Beggars can’t be choosers, so anything goes when you’ve gone several days without hot water. Replacing your water heater before it breaks down allows you to explore all your options before settling on the best one.

You can replace your current system with a more energy efficient one or switch to a different unit that heats water much faster. Maybe get a tankless system that takes up less space and requires minimal maintenance. Start window shopping for a water heater now and save up for it without feeling any pressure.

Prevent Additional Damage

Most water heaters go out without making a sound. But it’s not uncommon for others to fail catastrophically. Some water heaters fail, and the water bursts from the tank and floods your entire home. This occurs when the sacrificial anode rod accumulates excess rust, and the rust starts forming on your tank. This rust compromises your tank’s structural integrity and eventually gives way.

Aside from damaging your floor and furniture, flooding also destroys electrical appliances, leading to thousands of dollars worth of damage. It’s hard to predict how your water heater will fail, but you don’t have to take the risk. By arranging for an early water heater replacement, you can avoid extensive damage and save a ton of cash. You have nothing to lose but much to gain.

Telltale Signs You’re Due for Water Heater Replacement

As a rule of thumb, replace your water heater every ten years, even if it only shows subtle signs of aging. However, if you notice any of the following signs, you may have to schedule a water heater replacement promptly.

Your Water Heater Makes Strange Noises

Weird noises coming from your water heater are never a good sign. This is a sign that there is excessive sediment buildup at the bottom of your tank. As the sediment heats up, it makes a strange rumbling or banging noise. If this happens, start arranging for a new water heater immediately.

Rusty Water Coming from Your Faucets

If the water from your faucet looks brown and rusty, your water heater is at the end of its life cycle. Although you’ll still get hot water, it would be unwise to continue using the water heater. That’s because rusty water means the sacrificial anode is used up, and it’s only a matter of time before your tank bursts, flooding your entire home.

You See Water Puddles Around Your Water Heating Unit

Water puddles around the tank or water heater are red flags you shouldn’t ignore. You most likely have a leak that you need to address immediately. These tiny leaks gradually develop into fractures in your piping system. These fractures get bigger as more hot water causes the pipes to expand, widening the gaps and cracks. Eventually, you’ll have to replace the whole system. The earlier you do it, the better.

Your Hot Water Doesn’t Last as Long as You Want It to

It’s normal to run out of water after your kids have spent almost an hour in the shower. But if you run out of water too fast, then there’s definitely something wrong with your water heater. As sediment builds up in the tank, the tank loses its water-holding capacity. This means you’ll have less hot water with every heating cycle.

This not only compromises the efficiency of your system but also inconveniences the entire household. The best course of action is to schedule a water heater replacement as soon as possible.

Prevention Is Better than Cure

Don’t wait until it’s too late to schedule a water heater replacement appointment. Living with a faulty water heater is bad for your pockets and risky too. Start shopping for a new water heater if you notice any of the warning signs discussed above. An experienced plumber should be able to recommend some good water heater models that work for your home.

At Clarksburg Plumbing, we are the leading plumbing service in Rockville, MD. Our clients are like family, and we guarantee 100% satisfaction. Contact us today to schedule a water heater replacement appointment.

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