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A Tale as Mold as Time

Ok, truth time, I haven’t walked down in my basement in, oh, probably a year because I think it might be covered in toxic black mold. If you’re thinking, WOOOOW, Mary, you should probably get that handled – I 100%…

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Flushable Wipes – Hero or Zero?

Flushable wipes: Butt wiping hero or zero? Do you remember your first time using a wet wipe? That smooth baby gliding over your bottom like butter? Weird analogy? Stick with me…. The wipe, for some, was and still is a…

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FALL IS COMING – Time to winterize your life.

In the words of Jon Snow “Fall is coming” or something like that… How can I be talking about fall when it was 93 DEGREES OUTSIDE YESTERDAY you ask? (Hey, Indian Summer – IT’S TIME TO GOOOOO). It’s the calm…

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Water Line Warning Signs: Is it time for a waterline repair or replacement? The main water line is essential because it brings fresh water into your home. Without that reliable water flow, it’s nearly impossible to function on a day…

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8 of the Most Common Plumbing Problems

Have you or a loved one recently fallen victim from any of these plumbing problems? Don’t suffer anymore – call your trusty friends at Clarksburg Plumbing today. Being in the field I’ve seen plumbing problems that vary from big to…

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Stars and Stripes Veteran Charity Golf Tournament

Join Clarksburg Plumbing for the annual Stars and Stripes Golf Invitational. Come out and support your favorite Clarksburg plumbers on the course Friday, September 20th 2019! Read More

Up Shit Creek Without a Plunger?

Here’s how to unclog a stubborn toilet when your plunger is MIA A tale as old as time – you’re in an unfamiliar bathroom, with an unfamiliar toilet – water is rising and panic is setting in. Desperately, you look…

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To Drano, or not to Drano, that is the question.

DREADED DRAIN CLEANERS DIY DRAIN CLEANING & WHY IT’S A BAD IDEA We’ve all been there: You start your shower, sink, tub, and instead of flowing down the drain it’s backing up again. Like any non-plumber, your first inkling is…

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Water Heaters

The average life span of a water heater is 11-13 years. This span can be significantly shorter depending on your water quality. Installation of a new gas water heater requires an inspection in most jurisdictions.

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