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Directional Boring (HDD - Horizontal Directional Drilling)

Directional Boring (Horizontal Directional Drilling HDD): A Modern Plumbing Miracle!

Tired of dealing with intrusive and messy plumbing repairs? Directional Boring, or HDD, is here to revolutionize your plumbing experience

Directional boring is a groundbreaking solution for installing underground utilities efficiently and with minimal disturbance. Whether it’s for urban infrastructure, utility upgrades, or new construction, HDD is a trenchless method that combines precision with environmental stewardship.

Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or property manager, Directional Boring is your go-to solution for plumbing woes. Enjoy a functional, efficient plumbing system without the mess and stress!

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How Does Directional Boring Work?

  • Preliminary Survey: Before starting, a thorough site survey is conducted to assess the path and any potential obstacles, such as existing utilities, soil conditions, and environmental concerns.

  • Boring Equipment Setup: An HDD rig is positioned at one end of the intended underground path. This rig consists of a drilling machine, a drill stem (a series of connected pipes), and a drill bit designed for the specific soil and rock conditions.

  • Drilling Commences: The drill bit is advanced into the ground, creating a pilot borehole. The drilling process is guided remotely by an operator who monitors the angle and direction of the bore.

  • Reaming Passes: After completing the pilot bore, reaming passes may be made. These involve progressively larger drill bits to widen the bore to the desired diameter.

  • Pipe Installation: Once the borehole is ready, the new utility pipe or conduit is attached to the drill stem and pulled back through the borehole. As the pipe is pulled, it replaces the void left by the drill stem.

  • Completion and Connection: At the exit point, the utility is connected to the existing system, and any necessary finishing touches are made.

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Ideal for Residential & Commercial Properties

What are the benefits of Directional Boring?

Minimal Surface Disruption: No open trenches, preserving landscaping, roads, and other surface features.

Precision: Allows for controlled drilling angles and depths, making it ideal for navigating obstacles and following specific paths.

Efficiency: Can install multiple utility types (water, sewer, gas, electrical) in a single borehole.

Environmentally Friendly: Reduces soil and habitat disruption, minimizing environmental impact.

Cost-Effective: Saves on restoration costs compared to traditional open-cut methods.

Versatility: Suitable for various soil and rock types, from soft clay to hard rock.

Reduced Traffic Disruption: Particularly valuable for urban or congested areas where road closures are impractical.

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