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Sliplining: A modern, efficient solution you’ve been waiting for.

It’s like giving your pipes a new skin! We insert a smaller pipe inside the damaged one, restoring your plumbing with ease. It’s versatile method suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing systems. Whether it’s fixing sewer lines, water pipes, or stormwater drains, sliplining gets the job done with minimal fuss.


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How Does Sliplining Work?

  • Insertion: We start by selecting a new pipe with a slightly smaller diameter than your existing damaged one. This new pipe, often made of materials like high-density polyethylene (HDPE), is then inserted into the old pipe.

  • Restoration: As the new pipe slides into place, it effectively restores the functionality of the old one. This method is especially useful for fixing issues like corrosion, leaks, or minor structural problems.

  • Sealing: To ensure a secure fit and prevent leaks, we seal the joints between the old and new pipes.

  • Completing the Transformation: Your once-damaged pipe is now ready to perform like new, but with improved durability and longevity.

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Ideal for Residential & Commercial Properties

What are the benefits of Sliplining?

Minimal Distruption: No digging up your yard or breaking walls. CIPP is done entirely within the pipe.

Speed: Repairs are completed quickly, often in a matter of hours.

Cost-Effective: Save on excavation and restoration costs. Long-Lasting: The new interior lining can last for decades.

Environmentally Friendly: Fewer materials used, less disruption to ecosystems.

Improved Flow: The new, smooth inner surface of the pipe often improves flow and reduces the likelihood of future blockages.

Longevity: Sliplined pipes can last for many years, providing reliable service.

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Water Line Repair

Clarksburg, Maryland

Repaired underground water pipe leak in my front yard. You can't tell that my yard had been dug up. Excellent and professional work and workers.

— Jackie T. , 

Home Owner  

Water Line

Highly Recommended

Clarksburg, Maryland

Courteous, responsive and very good rates for services performed. Highly recommend!

— Stephanie M. , 

Home Owner  


Emergency Service

Gaithersburg, Maryland

Super treatment! I had an emergency repair, called them late saturday - they figured out the problem quickly and fixed it. Thank you!

— Denis M. , 

Home Owner  

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