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Things That Might Go Wrong If You Do Not Seek Annual Drain Cleaning Service | Gaithersburg, MD

The drainage system forms an essential section of your plumbing system. Its job is to help you conveniently manage the wastewater produced in your house. It quickly directs wastewater from your home into the public sewer line or the septic tank located somewhere outside your house in Gaithersburg, MD.

However, for your drainage system to work as expected, it needs to be subjected to routine maintenance. In other words, you need to seek the services of a professional drain cleaning service to ensure that your drains are cleaned at least once per year.

But have you ever thought of what would go wrong if you neglected your drainage system and failed to get it cleaned regularly? From experience, we know that neglected drains can cause serious problems in homes. Below is a rundown of the most common problems you can expect if you do not get your drainage system cleaned by a professional at least once per year.

Foul Odors

No homeowner in Gaithersburg, MD would like to live in a foul-smelling home. However, if you do not seek routine drain cleaning services, your drains might produce an unpleasant odor that would eventually diffuse to the rest of your home. This is because dirty drains will provide the bacteria and fungi with the environment they need to thrive. As these microorganisms digest the organic materials in your wastewater, they can produce an unpleasant smell that will eventually diffuse to every part of your house.

You may try to deal with the foul odor from your drains by applying air fresheners and keeping the windows open, but whatever you do, you won’t succeed without addressing the source of the issue. Indeed, the only way to prevent your drains from bringing a foul smell into your house is to get them cleaned by a professional drain cleaning service at least once per year.

Poor Health

Did you know that the condition of your drainage system can have an impact on your family’s health? As mentioned above, dirty drains invite and encourage the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi. Unfortunately, these pathogens might spread quickly, contaminate your food or water, and cause serious infections. As such, if you do not take routine drain cleaning services seriously, you might expose your family to severe illnesses.

On the other hand, hiring an experienced drain cleaning service provider to help you keep your drains in good shape can go a long way in helping you make your house a healthier dwelling for you and your family. This is because getting your drains cleaned professionally at least once per year would make them less conducive to the growth of disease-causing microorganisms.

Reduced Plumbing Lifespan

Modern plumbing systems are quite durable. Indeed, depending on the quality of your plumbing system, it might last between 30 and 70 years. However, your plumbing system is not indestructible. Indeed, its durability largely depends on how well it is used and maintained.

If you do not take good care of your drainage system with the help of a professional drain cleaning service, it might wear out more rapidly. This can be explained in several ways. For instance, if your drains are partially clogged, the wastewater will hang around your drainage system much longer. Unfortunately, this will expose your pipes to the corrosive elements found in the wastewater, meaning that neglecting your drainage system will cause your pipes to get corroded faster and force you to replace them sooner than expected.

On the other hand, if you clean your drainage system as required, you will significantly reduce its exposure to corrosive elements, meaning that you will add a few more years to its life.

Structural Damage

The condition of your drainage system can also affect the condition of your home’s structure. For instance, dirty drains are quite likely to leak. Unfortunately, leaking pipes can lead to water damage if they are not fixed on time. If a leaking pipe is below or within your home’s slab foundation, it might damage the foundation and cause it to shift. The shifting foundation might then cause the walls of your home to crack and crumble. Therefore, if you do not take regular drain cleaning services seriously, you might be forced to pay for expensive structural repairs. On the other hand, by cleaning your drains as required, you can minimize the risk of water damage and consequently protect the structural integrity of your home.

Frequent Plumbing Emergencies

Dealing with plumbing emergencies in Gaithersburg, MD can be stressful and expensive. However, if you do not take care of your drainage system, you may have two face plumbing emergencies more frequently. For instance, if you fail to see the need for regular drain cleaning service, you will risk facing drain clogs from time to time. Besides, neglected drains might be at risk of bursting. Unfortunately, such plumbing emergencies can cause serious inconveniences.

On the other hand, by taking care of your plumbing system with the help of a professional drain cleaning service, you can keep your drainage system working perfectly. In other words, keeping your drainage system clean will go a long way in ensuring your plumbing system doesn’t break down from time to time.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that the importance of keeping your drainage system clean cannot be overemphasized. This is because dirty drains can cause several plumbing, health, and structural problems in your house. On the other hand, keeping your drainage system in good shape will improve its performance and even add a few more years to its life. If you are looking for a reliable plumbing company to help you keep your drainage system clean, Clarksburg Plumbing is an excellent choice. We have been taking care of residential drainage systems for a long time, and you can count on us to do a good job. Call us to learn more about our company.

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