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10 Questions To Ask Your Plumber Before Hiring Them For A Drain Cleaning Service | Germantown, MD

10 Questions To Ask Your Plumber Before Hiring Them For A Drain Cleaning Service | Germantown, MD

Are you looking for a drain cleaning service? If you do, chances are that you want a regular service or that your drains are clogged, and you are experiencing the effects of such. Regardless, there are many questions that you can ask your plumber about the blocked drains before you hire them to complete the service. Some of these questions are from curiosity, to ensure that you get the right company for the job, or even when you want to expand your knowledge to ensure that you can avoid the same issues from recurring. Asking them will comfort you that the professional can reliably clean your drains using the right methods. So, what should you ask the technician from your reliable plumbing company?

Do You Offer Your Services in My Locality?

When searching for a plumber to completely clean or unclog your drains, it is critical that you know if they offer their services in your area. This ensures you don’t waste time negotiating for a company that won’t help you. This is particularly true for emergency plumbing companies and drain-cleaning service providers. Although the plumbing expert or company might appear reliable, they could not offer their services in your locality. Hence, ensure you ask this before anything else.

Are You Licensed?

Under whatever circumstance, always ensure that you only hire a licensed plumber to unclog your drains. This is the surest way to ensure they have the skills to complete the job. Unlicensed drain cleaning service providers may not know the best methods to effectively and quickly clean the drains. Because they don’t have the required skills, there is a high likelihood that they can do your drains more harm than good. For instance, the noob might not remove the entire blockage or damage your piping.

Do You Charge a Flat Rate or by the Hour?

Depending on the difficulty or severity of the task, clearing the clogged drain can be a real quick fix or even take some time. Thus, you must know the charges and mechanisms your potential plumbing expert uses. A flat fee means that the professional will charge you the quoted price no matter how long the drain cleaning service will take. However, if the professional charges by the hour, this can be expensive if the clog is deep in the drains and hard or cheaper if the clog is closer and minor. This is because deeper clogs take time to break and clear.

Do You Offer a 24/7 Plumbing Service?

Blocked drains can arise anytime, night or day, holiday or workday. Hence, having an emergency plumber on standby is critical. It might not appear necessary now, but it can prove helpful whenever the drains are blocked when you are having a party at home or even in the middle of the night. Signs that you need drain cleaning service include slow draining, pungent odors, uncharacteristic sounds, and overflows. Thus, if you spot these signs in your home, immediately call a professional to clean your drains.

Are Guarantees Offered?

As your potential plumber if they offer guarantees on the work done. That ensures that you will have full service, and if the problem recurs within some specified period, the professional can come back to inspect and clean the drains again, but free of charge this time. Guarantees are a measure of trust. They help you know that the professional is fully committed to their job and will be able to do a good job. This is because they are willing to bet their time and money that the drain cleaning service was proper, and if it weren’t, they would do it again.

Will You Clean Up After Working?

Most reliable plumbers will clean up any mess present after the drain cleaning service. However, you should check beforehand whether the professional will clean up the dirt and mess generated during the cleaning service. Drain cleaning can mean residue, debris, dirt, sewage, and other wastes will dirt the area where the professional is working from. Some professionals might leave after clearing the blockage without cleaning that area. Thus, you must know this before hiring a plumbing expert.

Which Methods of Unblocking the Drains Will You Use?

There are many drain cleaning methods, and knowing which method a plumber will use can help you understand how they will complete the job. However, the professional might only know which drain cleaning method to use once they inspect the clog and the conditions of your drains. However, the drain cleaning service should provide you with a list of potential options, from hydro jetting to drain snaking or plunging.

Will You Offer to Advice on Preventing Drain Clogs?

Some plumbing companies will provide tips for preventing blockages in the future. Getting advice first is essential since if they don’t, it may indicate they don’t have the knowledge or are hoping to make a return visit. If the professional can provide general information on preventing and resolving blocked drains, that would be beneficial.

Can You Offer Free Quotes for Booked Drain Services?

Free quotes are essential to know how much the plumber will charge for the drain cleaning service. Some professionals might leave out additional costs in the quote. However, reliable plumbing experts will offer you a free quote, correctly listing all the costs.

Do You Offer Discounts for Seniors?

It is often a sign that a plumber cares for his customers if he offers discounts to seniors over 65. Discounts for senior citizens are often only small, but they help them save money on drain cleaning services. The senior discount may not be necessary, but it is always a bonus if the professional offers it.

Hire Professionals

Do you want your drains cleaned? Asking the potential technician the questions brings you closer to getting an experienced, reliable one. Contact us at Clarksburg Plumbing and book a drain cleaning appointment.

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