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3 Signs It’s Time To Call A Plumber And Schedule Water Heater Replacement | Rockville, MD

3 Signs It’s Time To Call A Plumber And Schedule Water Heater Replacement | Rockville, MD

Hidden tucked away in a basement, or a utility closet is a large tank of water that you probably know as your water heater. Most people don’t think much about their water heater unless they are trying to clean dust out from under it, but when there is a sudden shortage of hot water, your water heater will suddenly become the only thing you think about. Unfortunately, water heaters have a lifespan, and at some point in your lifespan, you will need to consider water heater replacement in Rockville, MD.

When that time comes, you should aim to be familiar with the signs that your water heater may be on its way out. Ideally, it would be best if you attempted to schedule your water heater replacement in Rockville, MD before it actually dies. This way, you don’t have to worry about a disruption in your hot water supply. The following article takes a closer look at some of the signs your water heater may be experiencing troubles so that you can consult a plumber promptly to proactively take care of the issue.

Water heater replacement is something that you should call a plumber to address and is not something that you should attempt to handle on your own. While you can purchase your own unit at a big box retail store, they are not the same models that a professional plumber will be able to order. In addition, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered when replacing a water heater, and a trained plumber will be better able to assess those factors to ensure a good fit.

In addition, one of the most significant factors that influence the lifespan of a water heater is the installation process. Therefore, if you plan to invest in a new water heater, you want to ensure that it is installed correctly so that you get the highest life span out of it. Water heaters are expected to last anywhere from 10 to 12 years in most cases, but some people have seen their water heaters last even longer with proper servicing and installation. With that in mind, if you suspect it is time for water heater replacement or notice any of the following signs, make sure to reach out to a plumber.

Your Water Heater Is Older Than 10 Years

While we just noted that water heaters that are well-mainlined could last over ten years, sometimes it is not a good idea to let your water heater go unattended for that long. The reasoning behind this is simple; you may end up paying extra in more ways than one. A water heater that is old will not be as energy-efficient as the newer models, which means you could end up paying more for energy and still need water heater replacement within the next year or so.

The second reason is that if you know your water heater is aging, you may be paying for repair costs that simply aren’t worth it. At some point, it is better to upgrade and opt for water heater replacement versus paying for water heater repair several times within the same year. In addition, the longer you wait to replace your water heater in Rockville, MD, the more you increase the chances that you will end up in an emergency situation where you have no hot water and are stuck until you get a new water heater.

You Notice Rust Anywhere on Your Water Tank

Rust is one of the worst things to find on your water tank, and the problem is if you notice rust on the outside of your water heater, there is a good chance that you have rust inside the tank as well. This means the rust could be infiltrating your water supply which is also not a great scenario. The problem with rust is that it spreads, so once it starts, you cannot stop it. Rust often appears near the inlet valve, but it can pop up anywhere.

One common sign that you have hidden rust inside of your tank is if you notice your hot water looks a bit discolored. Some people often describe it as a red/brown color or simply a dusky color. If you only notice this color coming from your hot water tank, then you are probably looking at a good reason to call someone about a water heater replacement. Keep in mind that where there is rust, there is a good chance that you will have a leak soon. Rust eats through steel, so when left unaddressed, it will continue to corrode until you have 40 gallons of water streaming out of your water tank.

Odd or Loud Noises Coming from Your Water Tank

For the most part, the only noise you should hear coming from your water tank is a gentle humming sound. Some people get so used to their water heaters that they don’t even notice their water heaters at all. However, if you start to hear large bang noises, whistling noises, or other suspicious noises, this is a clear sign that the unit is not operating as it should, and it may be time for water heater replacement.

Often loud noises come right before the water heater breaks down and stops working altogether. Frequently they are associated with problems with water sediment buildup, which is unavoidable in most homes. With that in mind, if it starts to make noises, it is time to talk to a plumber about water heater replacement.

Are you concerned your water heater might be on its way out? Call Clarksburg Plumbing to get advice from a professional plumber.

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